5 Tips on How to Use an Electric Paint Sprayer

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Electric paint sprayers are best for people running late and want the paint to get done faster. It always gives a smooth and shiny finish to the wooden materials. You can use titan packing kits to paint your wall or even a chair to make it look prettier.

It sprays paint at very high pressure,  due to which you can complete most of the paintwork in less time. An electric paint sprayer is very efficient to use.

People run on to purchase a paint sprayer, but most don’t know how to use it. Most people don’t like reading a manual. They prefer searching the internet,  how to use it.

You can find various sources online to help you know the usage,  but if you want a precise answer and the correct procedure, this article is for you. This article will help you with five tips on how to use an electric paint sprayer.

Let’s begin with the tips!

1.     Consider Preparing your Sprayer.

Preparing your sprayer is the first step. Choose the narrower tip, as it will give precision. You can also take help from a hardware professional to help you choose the best tip.

The process also involves thinning the paint as it is an essential part. If you forget to thin your paint, then it will not flow out smoothly. To a gallon of paint, you can add one-fourth cup of water to thin it.

If your budget allows, then you can consider using a chemical thinner instead of water. The efficiency of a chemical thinner is much better. Choosing a thinner of water can depend on your budget.

2.   Don’t Forget to Strain the Paint and Priming the Pump.

After the thinning of the paint now your paint is ready. The essential part is mixing the paint well and not forgetting to strain it before use. You don’t want a clog in your electric sprayer when using it.

You have to strongly attach the hose as the paint will flow through it. Placing it on the bucket will help the flow out of the nozzle much easily.

Prime the pump properly to remove the clogging of paint inside. Remember to check the sprayer before using it. It can help to avoid creating any dirt. Check the hose and the nozzle for micro-fractures and the clarity of the filter. Testing the spray paint before use will help you paint smoothly without creating a mess.

3.   Start with the Spraying.

If you want smooth paint, the surface should also be smooth and clean before applying the paint. As the spray will spread over the surface,  you need to cover the part which needs to stay paint-less.

If you are using an electric paint sprayer for the first time,  you need to practice on the rough surface. You can practice using a water sprayer to get the paint right on point for the first time.

You can control the pressure of the paint according to your need. If you a beginner,  you can start with low pressure and increase as you get comfortable.

4.   Keep a Distance While Spraying.

Maintaining a distance between the surface and the sprayer of ten to twelve inches is good while spraying. It will help to give smooth paint.

Never freeze your hand at one spot while spraying,  as it will result in over-spraying. You should keep your hand constantly moving while spraying the paint.

Immediately release the trigger when you feel like stopping the paint. You don’t need to do anything else.

5.    Keep your Electric Sprayer Clean.

Keeping your sprayer clean will make your investment last longer. Clean the paint from the sprayer after every use before the paint drys out. Wash the sprayer and the nozzle after separating and,  then clean any water residue left on it.

You need to change the filters of the sprayer after a few uses as well. Cleaning the sprayer will make it a good investment.

A careful attitude towards cleanliness is always good. Especially an electric sprayer needs a care treatment to make it work efficiently. You don’t want any leftover paint stuck inside.

Final Words: Five Tips on How to Use an Electric Paint Sprayer.

You can follow this article to get to know the basics of using an electric paint sprayer. Keeping in mind the usage,  you should also consider safety.

As the electric paint sprayer works at high pressure, you need to stay careful with your skin. The high pressure of the spray should not direct towards the skin of any part of the body.

 It can happen smoothly without letting you need if there is damage. The high pressure of the spray may cause the paint to pass through your skin. It is dangerous for the skin,  so wear gloves or be careful when applying the paint.

Best of luck with the painting!

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